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Edit demographics Last name First and middle name Birthday Driver's license number Driver's license state Social security number Street address City State Zip Home phone number Other phone numbers Recalulate figures using a different date Secured with auto Record references Record inquiries Mailing address Mailing city Mailing state Mailing zip Work phone number Work phone extension Employer Employer address Employer city Employer state Employer zip Employment information Spouse last name Spouse first name and middle initial Spouse birthday Spouse birthday card? -No Open Spouse Account (Right Click Available) Spouse social security number Spouse work number Spouse work phone extension Disclose information? - Yes Send delinquent and P&L mail? - Yes Spouse employer Spouse employer address Spouse employer city Spouse employer state Spouse employer zip Spouse employmen information Temporary notes (Right Click Available) Permanent notes (Right Click Available) Make another loan? -Yes Send mail? - Yes Allow no-cash renewal? -Yes Solicit this account? -Yes (Right Click Available) Solicit references? -Yes Print spanish disclosure? -No View loan analysis information Renew/make loan Take payment/payoff Account delinquency shown by days. (Right click to show delinquency in months) Date loan was made. Due Date Matures Select Current Amount Loan Type Toggle High Amount Loan Type First payment due date. Payment Amount. Late Charge Amount. Total Installment Account Handling Charge to be refunded if paid off today. Type of loan: BR=Borrower Renewal, FB=Former Borrower, NL=New Loan. Total of Acquisition Charge to be refunded if paid off today. Payment Frequency. Current loan amount for this account. Current term of this loan. Maximum loan amount for this account. Total Acquisition Charge for current loan. Refund method for this loan  S=Simple Interest  A=Rule of 78. Employee who made this loan. Current balance of note. Total Installment Account Handling Charge for current loan. Record account activity Maximum term available for this account. R=Receive, P=Pay. Amount to receive if renew maximum today. R=Receive, P=Pay. Amount to pay if renew current today. Date through which all dollar amounts remain unchanged. Date next payment is due or the dollar amount due today. Payoff amount due if paid out today. Amount collected in excess of loan advance amount for all loans to this account. Due information Payoff information Beginning balance of note.
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